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Beard Care Instructions

A beard requires care and attention, but it's not very complicated nor does it take much time.

With these tips, you can get your beard in shape for the festive season, and of course, this routine works as basic care throughout the year.

1. Cleansing and Moisturizing

    Since we touch our beard many times a day and it is also exposed to various impurities, cleansing is the cornerstone of beard care. Daily washing with beard shampoo and additional exfoliation once or twice a week keeps the skin and beard hair clean and in good condition. Using regular hand soap for washing the beard is not recommended as it dries out the skin, especially in winter.

    As a complementary treatment after washing, you can use caring products such as conditioner, beard oil, or beard balm. Their purpose is to care for the beard and skin by moisturizing and preventing dandruff and itching. And of course, they add shine to the beard and smell good!

    2. Brushing

      Many consider a beard brush an unnecessary styling product, but the brush has many useful purposes and is definitely a basic tool in beard care.

      First, brushing removes dirt from the beard and effectively detangles even the longest and thickest beards. Secondly, regular brushing encourages hair to grow in the direction it is brushed. Thirdly, the purpose of brushing the beard is to exfoliate the skin underneath and remove dead skin cells. Brushing also helps the caring oil or balm to spread and absorb evenly both on the skin surface and into the beard.

      After brushing, you can further style the beard into the desired shape using a comb and beard wax.

      3. Styling

        When shaping the beard line under the chin, do not shave off the hair too high on the chin. The beard looks fuller when the hair is allowed to grow down to the Adam's apple. For example, you can feel where the chin line meets the larynx and trim the beard there. This also covers a possible double chin!

        The cleanliness of the upper line of the beard also significantly affects the appearance of the beard. The beard should not grow freely on the cheeks and over the lips. The line can be easily trimmed using beard scissors or a trimmer.

        If the beard has grown freely and has been without care for a long time, it is a good idea to first visit a barber to get the beard cut into the desired shape. After that, it is easy to keep the beard looking good and in good condition with simple home methods!

        Here are some product recommendations for beard care. More options can be found here: BEARD CARE

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