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Closed Comb

The closed comb is the most gentle of all razors, making it easy to start with wet shaving. It is easy to use and is the most common type on the market. With handles of varying lengths and weights, you can adjust the shaving feel to your liking.

The razor blade in a closed comb razor is not as exposed as in other razors. It is suitable for sensitive skin that easily becomes irritated or nicked after shaving. Since these razors are gentle, it's important to remember not to press too hard against the skin. Short strokes leading with the handle and using almost only the weight of the razor itself will do the trick.


An adjustable razor offers the most possibilities to customize the razor to your preferences. By adjusting the blade angle, you can vary the intensity of the shave to suit you perfectly. For example, you can start shaving long hair at a mid-range aggressiveness setting and switch to a gentler setting for the final pass. The longevity of the razor is extended by the variety of adjustments, offering a refreshing experience with each shave!

Open Comb

Open comb razors are recommended for experienced shavers. Even vigorous beard growth is no challenge for these razors. In open comb razors, the razor blade is more exposed than in other razors. You can feel the blade on your skin, making shaving a skillful task but also usually the most precise possible.


The slant razor has a head angled in relation to the handle, which results in a guillotine-like precise shave. The angled design offers minimal resistance to the beard hair during shaving. We recommend a slant razor for the experienced shaver who wants to try something new. It is also excellent for a combination of sensitive skin and coarse beard.


Hair is also effectively cut with these single-blade razors. There are various models of these razors, and accordingly, the blades used are different sizes. When purchasing an SE razor, you must always check what type of blades fit into it. This is not a problem with DE razors, as they all use standard-sized blades.


The blade does not need to be removed after every shave but only when it is so dull that you want to replace it. When you change the blade, you can then wash the razor with water. If desired, you can add a drop of dish soap to the water. For a thorough cleaning, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner. Razors are made of stainless steel and can stay in good condition for decades. If the razor has a screw-off head, you can interchange it with handles or heads from different manufacturers that use the same size screw according to your preference. 

Here are a few of our favorite razors:

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