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Wet shaving has traditionally been a practice for men. Most of the tools and products are designed for men and facial hair. However, wet shaving and the use of traditional razors have also begun to pique the interest of women. And no wonder! There are many advantages to using proper tools compared to, for example, disposable plastic razors. With these tips, hair removal can even become enjoyable!

Protect Your Skin

Hair removal often irritates the skin, especially for women with sensitive or dry skin, and the use of disposable multi-blade razors (multi-blade cartridge razors) and other uncomfortable hair removal methods can cause various skin problems. Sensitive areas, such as the bikini line, can easily suffer from small cuts, skin redness, ingrown hairs, and even folliculitis. When using the correct shaving soap and a traditional single-blade razor (double-edged safety razor), the blade glides on the skin, cutting the hair precisely without damaging the skin's surface. Skin irritation is minimal or can be completely avoided. Shaving comfort can further be increased by using a pre-shave oil or cream before lathering.

Note: When using a traditional razor, the blade should also be cleaned and changed regularly, so it doesn't easily accumulate bacteria that further increase skin irritation.

Save Money and the Environment

Although the initial cost of wet shaving may be higher than other hair removal methods, you will save money in the long run with the traditional method, as a well-maintained traditional razor can last for decades. You can get started with a few tens of euros, depending on the tools you want. Choosing a traditional razor is also an environmental action, as it does not generate waste like disposable tools. One blade can be used for 3-7 shaves (depending on the blade, shaving technique, hair quality, and used products). Also, the soaps are long-lasting.

Enjoy Hair Removal

Shaving with a traditional razor requires some experimentation and practice before finding the best way and style for you. Wet shaving also takes a little more time, but the quality and precision of hair removal and economic savings, not to mention the enjoyment, make up for the time spent. Just like for men, wet shaving with a razor is a relaxing experience for women - like a little spa moment. Hair removal is no longer a tedious, mandatory task; with a traditional razor, you can enjoy hair removal in a whole new way.


Most women prefer a gentle razor over an aggressive one. We recommend starting with a closed-comb razor for shaving, where the blade is not as exposed as in an open one. The closed comb is easy to start with and shaves even sensitive areas, such as bikini lines. Try different blades and test which blade suits you best. Some women have stronger hair growth than others. When choosing a razor, it's essential to consider the strength and density of the hair growth. An open comb razor is suitable for more experienced users and easily cuts through thicker hair.

And once you get going with a traditional razor, you'll find a wide selection of brushes, soaps, and other accessories! Different fragrances in soaps can bring various atmospheres to shaving.

Shaving legs, underarms, and other body hair is done with exactly the same ingredients and tools as shaving a beard. This quick guide will get you started and on the way to enjoyable shaving experiences:

  • Insert a blade into the razor. The razor head opens by twisting the handle. 
  • Soak the brush in hot tap water so that the bristles absorb water. 
  • Apply a pre-shave product to the area to be shaved. 
  • Shake the brush lightly to remove excess water and load it with soap by swirling on the soap for 30 seconds. 
  • Lather the soap in a bowl for a minute by whisking. (if the lather looks too runny, turn the cup upside down while whisking, and the excess water will drip out - if too dry, add a few drops of water to the brush and continue whisking) 
  • Apply the ready lather to the area to be shaved. 
  • For the first round, shave cutting the long hair with the grain. Move the razor with the handle leading in short strokes at about a 30-degree angle and rinse the razor head occasionally to remove cut hairs. Rinse the shaved area, feel where there is stubble left and apply new lather to these areas. 
  • For the second round, shave across the grain to remove the stubble. Rinse the area again, and if there is still a feeling of stubble, apply new lather only to these areas. More experienced shavers can refine their shave by going against the grain; otherwise, continue to shave remaining stubble across the grain. 
  • Rinse, rub alum block on the shaved area and then aftershave balm to moisturize and restore a pleasant skin feeling.

Here are a few examples of products that are also great for women:

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