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We offer a wide range of quality safety razors to suit all levels of users, from beginners to professionals.

The shave results are precise with a traditional razor and shaving and hair removal is very enjoyable. The razors are long-lasting and the blades are inexpensive. A traditional razor, when properly maintained, can last a lifetime. The traditional razor is also an environmentally-friendly choice.

You can choose from a variety of razors, including closed-comb and open-comb models, as well as slant-style and adjustable razors. Below are the characteristics of different types. Each shaver chooses the best razor for them based on their shaving experience, their hand size and shave area, etc.

Closed comb: is best for beginners. The blade is still safely hidden, and the shave is gentle.

Open comb: For more experienced shavers. Shaving is more accurate when you can feel the razor blade on your cheek.

Slant: This type of planer has the edge of the cutting blade slanted towards the handle. It produces a precision cut similar to a guillotine. The slant falls somewhere between the other two in terms of its aggressiveness.

Adjustable: allow you to adjust the cutting angle of the blade. For example with a moderate level of aggression cut a longer hair at the start, then switch to mildly aggressive direction for your last round.

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