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What do you need to start traditional shaving?

Beginners should begin wet shaving using a closed-comb razor, as the blade is more concealed than in an open-comb one, and feels safer. Closed-comb razors are the most popular. e.g. the Mühle R89, which is available also in different handle options.

You can upgrade to the Mühle R41 open-comb model as your skills improve.

Merkur 34C and any of the Merkur closed-comb razors would also be good choices for beginners.

You can only discover your favorite blade by trying out different ones. Astra or Bic are good to start with, and then you can move on to blades that are a little more aggressive and sharper such as Rapira(Swedish Steel), Perma Sharp or Feather.

Your first shaving brush can be a boar brush for less than 20EUR. You will know after that first brush experience what you need next.

Shaving foam can be made using a shaving brush and shaving cream or soap. Whichever you prefer is a matter taste. Both produce the same result.

It is not necessary to use pre-shave oil or cream, but they add a little extra enjoyment to shaving. Once you've started, it is hard to stop.

After shaving, rub an alum stone onto your face. It will close wounds, protect and disinfect the skin. We recommend an aftershave to replenish the skin's moisture and give it a pleasant feeling.

The biggest problem in wet shaving is to wait to your next shave.

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