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Our brand Nordic Shaving Company

We manufacture high-quality men's cosmetics for our own brand Nordic Shaving Company. Our brand was founded in 2018 and so far we have shaving soaps in eight different scents: pine tar, birch, citrus & ginger, coffee, menthol & pine, lilac, juniper and sandalwood, as well as an unscented shaving soap. 

We have a long experience of traditional shaving and all the wishes of wet shaving enthusiasts have been taken into account in the production of our soaps. Our soaps are handcrafted in Finland from as many natural ingredients as possible. For example, the pine tar soap is made of genuine tar and is a completely vegan product.

Local production is important to us and we strive to choose fragrances for our products that are either of Finnish natural origin or otherwise characteristic of Finns. Our product range has been awarded the Avainlippu original mark, which identifies a product made in Finland or a service produced in Finland. 

Our product range also includes beard soaps and bath soaps. 

We develop products in cooperation with customers, and at the manufacturing stage, customers are always selected to test functionality and fragrances. Customer product reviews are important to us, so we welcome feedback on the products you use! Please feel free to contact us!

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