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The ABCs of Hair Styling

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Hair wax has always been the most popular hair styling product. Wax adds extra strength to the hair and facilitates styling. The hold of the wax varies from light to very firm (cream, paste, clay). The hold and shine also depend on whether you add the product to wet or dry hair. Wax added to damp hair makes the hair surface slightly shinier and the hold firmer, but the hairstyle loses re-stylability. If you apply wax to wet hair, the matte effect suffers and the hair can become flat. The drier the hair is, the more natural the result you achieve with the wax, and the hairstyle is easy to reshape.

There are so many different variations of wax that there is definitely a product for every hair type and style. For example, Copacetic's range includes three different waxes: cream, clay, and paste.

For short to medium-length hair that requires strong hold but natural shine, we recommend clay, which keeps even the most difficult hair types in check without any shine. This clay-like wax also allows you to achieve an "out of bed hair look". Clay provides strong hold and a true matte look without shine even in thick hair.

Cream is best suited for long or thin hair. It is light and has a grease-like texture. With cream, you achieve a very soft and natural matte look. Light hold remains flexible all day. Cream makes the hairstyle look fluffy and makes fine and thin hair appear thicker.

Paste is an easily applied creamy hair wax that provides medium hold and a little shine. It is best for short to medium-length hair thanks to its medium hold. Suitable for a natural and relaxed style, where a little shine still gives a styled impression. Matte wax makes the hair look thicker and is well suited for delicate Nordic hair. Matte wax adds more structure and facilitates precise styling.

Using hair wax:

Wash your hair and comb it neatly. Allow the hair to dry naturally or use a hairdryer. Take a dab of hair wax and spread it evenly in your hands from palms to fingertips while warming the wax. Apply the hair wax the same way you would massage shampoo into your hair. Apply in the same direction you want your hair to be. Rub the wax from the roots to the ends. If you want a classic look, finish with a comb. 


Pomade is a creamy hair styling product that gives the hair a shiny and classic look. Traditionally, pomades are intended for well-groomed and combable styles and they create a greasy and re-moldable final result. Pomade has been manufactured since the early 1900s, but it has made a comeback in recent years, especially for styling vintage hairstyles.

When choosing a pomade suitable for your hairstyle, consider whether the product is oil-based or water-based. Also, think about the type of hold and texture you want for your hair, how the product smells, how shiny a finish you want, how easily the pomade washes out of the hair, and how hard a surface it gives to the hairstyle. (Note: If you want a matte look, choose hair wax!)

Traditional oil-based pomade

Oil-based pomade is largely oil and petroleum jelly and is easy to apply to the hair. You can set your hair permanently in the position you want it to be. Shine is also present! Traditional oil-based pomade should be used sparingly on delicate Nordic hair. If you are trying oil-based pomade for the first time, remember to also allocate time for washing it off. Choose a deep-cleansing shampoo for washing. Oil-based pomades are popular because the petroleum jelly they contain does not dry out or flake, and the hair can be reshaped as often as desired.

Modern water-based pomade

Modern "water-based" pomades are otherwise very similar to oil-based ones, but they are water-soluble. They can be used for the same type of styling but also for more relaxed styles than oil-based pomades, and they wash out much more easily from the hair. If you have no previous experience with pomades, we recommend starting with a water-based one.

To finish a hairstyle styled with pomade, you need a good comb. Additionally, hair tonic or structure spray facilitates styling. With pomade, even dry hair can look shiny. If the pomade feels too strong on its own, you can mix a little pomade with hair wax and combine the best features of both products.

Using pomade:

Wet the hair and comb it neatly. Let the hair dry naturally or use a hairdryer. Take a dab of pomade and spread it evenly in your hands from palms to fingertips. Do not leave clumps, but spread evenly. Apply the pomade from the root to the tip. Separate and style with a comb. In oil-based products, you can comb immediately to the desired style. In water-based products, you get the best results if you let the product stay in the hair for 30 seconds and then comb. Let the hairstyle set. If you want a shiny slick back hairstyle, the hair doesn't need to be dry, but you can apply the pomade to wet hair. 


Gels are liquid and light hair styling products that are most often applied to wet or damp hair. As the hair dries, the gel gives it a powerful structure and a shiny, hard surface that keeps the hairstyle in place. Gels are usually in tubes, but there are also sprayable gels.

Gels were popular in the 1980s and 1990s when the range of hair waxes was significantly smaller than today. One drawback of gel is that the hairstyle cannot be reshaped, but the hair becomes quite stiff and hardened. Gels are well-suited for "wet looks" and "all behind" styles and hairstyles that require good hold and a neat and precise finish.


What is salt spray?

It's like magic for someone who has long struggled to get their hair into somewhat presentable condition.

Fine and straight Nordic hair particularly loves this product because it makes the hair easier to handle by giving it more volume and support.

Spray onto damp hair, style, dry with a hairdryer, or let dry. Then take a slightly smaller amount of your usual styling product and be amazed at how easily you can mold your hair mass just as it should be.

Additionally, the product also soothes irritated scalp, revitalizes hair, strengthens the roots, and stimulates hair growth.


Hair tonics have been used for decades to give hair support and shine as well as to care for the scalp. You can use hair tonic in the same way as salt spray.

Here are a few examples of our recommended products, and more options can be found here:

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