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Shaving soap or cream for shaving is lathered with a shaving brush. The lather protects the skin during shaving and improves the glide of the razor on the skin. Shaving brush also lifts the beard hairs upwards and spreads the lather evenly over the area to be shaved. 

Shaving brushes differ from each other by their material, e.g. what material the hair part and the handle are made of. The material of the hair part affects the roughness of the brush and how quickly water is absorbed into the brush and how quickly the brush dries. There are four different types of brush hair as described in more detail below. 

Badger hair are the most popular due to their excellent water absorption and therefore they can easily create good lather. Badger brushes have different degrees of coarseness. The more expensive the brush, the softer the hair ends. For example, the touch of the soft-headed Silvertip is like velvet on the cheek! How long the hair part of the badger is affects the vigorousity of the brush. 

Thanks to their affordable price, boar brushes are an easy way to get started with wet shaving. The hair is coarser, but the brush is at its best only after about 30 uses, when the ends of the hair split and thus soften. 

The brush made of horsehair are of medium coarseness. Bristles are collected in connection with the taking care of the horses, without harming the animals. 

An alternative to animal-based beard brushes are super-soft synthetic brushes. There is no need to soak them before lathering, just watering is enough.

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