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Captain Fawcett

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The English Captain Fawcett range offers fantastic products for shaving and beard care in a stylish package. The products are also perfect gifts for all men. 

According to the story, in 1905 an adventurer, Captain Peabody Fawcett, disappeared on his expedition to Africa on the Congo River. For decades, no signs were found of what happened until 1997, when an old suitcase was sold at auction. It contained Captain Fawcett's diaries from his travels. The bag also contained a recipe for mustache wax that is said to "maintain a stiff upper lip." This mustache wax has now been manufactured under careful instructions from the Captain Fawcett brand and has been around for the first time in over a hundred years. 

In addition to the famous mustache wax, there is a large selection of products for shaving and beard care.

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