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Extro Cosmesi Arzachena Shaving Cream 150 ml

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Extrò Cosmesi

Extrò Arzachena Shaving Soap 150 ml

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Short description

Extro Arzachena Shaving Cream is made in the traditional Italian 'croap' style; somewhere between a hard cream and a soft soap, with this soap sitting at the softer end of the spectrum, similar to putty. As a result, this makes them super easy to lather up.

Made from a 100% vegetable base, these soaps offer superb glide and cushioning, and are ideal for vegans. Enriched with natural chlorophyll this shaving cream nourishes the skin and helps to reduce wrinkles. It also possesses anti-bacterial like properties so it can help to reduce acne breakouts, and reduce skin inflammation.

Suitable for all skin types.

A rich, very frsh scent, a mix of amber, musk, woods and citrus.

Handmade in Italy. 150ml glass jar with screw-top lid. The jar and lid can be recycled.

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