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Extro Cosmesi Arancia Italiana Shaving Cream 150 ml

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Extrò Cosmesi

Extrò Arancia Italiana Shaving Soap 150 ml

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Short description

Extro Arancia Italiana Shaving Cream is made in the traditional Italian 'croap' style; somewhere between a hard cream and a soft soap, with this soap sitting at the softer end of the spectrum, similar to putty. As a result, this makes them super easy to lather up.

Made from a 100% vegetable base, these soaps offer superb glide and cushioning, and are ideal for vegans.

The fragrance is a classic Italian scent of summer. A wonderful mix of citrus and red fruits; orange, bergamot, lemon, peach and grapefruit, all sat on a woody amber base.

Handmade in Italy. 150ml glass jar with screw-top lid. The jar and lid can be recycled.

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