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Nordic Shaving Company Distributors

Here you find the distributors of Nordic Shaving Company and Nordic Beards products. If you would like to become a retailer of our brands Nordic Shaving Company and Nordic Beards, please contact us at info@nordicshaving.com or call +358404897044.

If you would like to become a retailer of Nordic Shaving Company or Nordic Beards products, please contact us at info@nordicshaving.com

Austria HAIRBASE, Vienna Hairbase.at
Belgium CONSTRULUX BV, Beringen Barbershop
Czech Republic UPRAVSE, 
Brno - Černovice
England ENGLISH SHAVING The English Shaving Company
England SHAVING STATION Shaving Station
England SHAVING TIME Shaving Time
Estonia KUNINGHABE Kuninghabe.ee
Estonia WELLSHAVE Wellshave.et

Finland DICK JOHNSON Dick Johnson
Finland LAMNIA Lamnia
Finland PAHIS Pahis megastore
Finland TAMPEREEN LUONTOKAUPPA Tampereen Luontokauppa
Bremen, Hamburg & Bad Zwischenahn
Buerstenhaus Carl Toeddensen
Germany POMADESHOP, München PomadeShop
Germany SOUL OBJECTS, Berlin Soul Objects, Berlin´s Unique Concept Store
Germany ENTIA Gutes aus Manufakturen Entia
Berlin & Heidelberg
Greece WELLSHAVED Wellshaved.gr
Italy BOTTEGA DELLA BARBA, Modena Bottega della Barba
Italy SBARBA Sbarba
Latvia WELLSHAVE Wellshave.lt/lv
Lithuania WELLSHAVE Wellshave.lt
Poland STANDOSHOP Standoshop.pl
Portugal GIFTS&CARE Gifts&Care
Spain GIFTS&CARE Gifts&Care
USA PASTEUR PHARMACY, New York Pasteur Pharmacy
USA THE RAZOR COMPANY, Detroit The Razor Company

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