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Extrò Cosmesi

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Extro Cosmesi is the creation of Italian cosmetics master Donato Ciniello. Extro comes from the beautiful Settimo Torinese in northern Italy. Extro Cosmesi produces fine handmade shaving soaps and aftershave balms, which are natural products free of parabens and chemicals. Extro Cosmesi products are among the most popular in the industry around the world.

Extro shaving soaps are enriched with Q10, Royal Jelly, Calendula Oil and other natural ingredients all designed to nourish, protect and take care of the skin. The soaps are soft and it is very easy to whip up a rich, creamy lather.

Donato has created has created soaps with incredible wet shaving performance. To match each shaving soap he has also created an EdT aftershave splash. No animal testing has been used for either the shaving creams or aftershaves.

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